Director Desk

Director Desk



- Founder & Director

Dear Parents / Guardian,

We are pleased to welcome you to Happy Convent School, an educational institution with a vision and ethics.

Happy Convent School is a centre of learning that was founded in 1992 by a visionary Mr Jagdish Adlakha to help mould every student with knowledge and morals. This school was incepted with an aim of eradicating academic pollution and moral decadence prevalent in today‘s era where education institutions have forgotten their ethics and essence. Till date. Happy Convent School has remained exceptional. Focus of our school lies mainly on the teaching quality and the learning process that is undertaken. Therefore, it has resulted in giving out an outstanding array of students that the school has produced till day.

I take immense pride in saying that Happy Convent School has produced children of enviable character academically and morally. This is because both the teachers and the students go out of their comfort zones to achieve excellence in anything they do. This behavior they continue to exhibit wherever destiny takes them.

The School focuses on offering a comfortable learning environment to its pupil, making sure that every individual child gets special attention Our selection procedure for the teachers is also very stringent in order to justify our commitment of providing best education, therefore we have the finest teacher‘s gamut.

We feel proud that we have achieved our aim to an extent as our ex students have been able to seek admissions in the best institutions the world over and make us proud by landing up in the scholar‘s list always We wish to work forward with immense excellence and dedication so that we continue being able to provide the best education always.

Founder & Director

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